Thursday, October 14, 2010

I took a drive...

So I treated myself to a drive today. Just got in the car
and headed off. It was a glorious day.

EDIT: Love this so much I went back and inserted the larger picture.

This was taken yesterday when I took a short drive,
looking for some cool fog pictures. Found the barn
instead. Heard a noise on the side of me and turned
to investigate...found HIM checking me out!
Hello Mr Bull!

Bedford Lake...not as much color as I was hoping

Leaving Bedford Lake...wish the picture would
have shown all the leaves falling. They are really
hard to see.

Drove down thru the 'holler' past
George Dickel Distillery

George's fence line

Ovoca Lake

Other side of Ovoca Lake

Headed down to Rutledge Falls

Falls are running so low

Rock hopping across...don't fall in, don't fall in...

Halfway across

Made it!

Cool waterfall bokeh (pron. bouquet)
(meaning blurry background :) )

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