Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Webs and Pearls

It seems we went from 90+ degrees to brrr, overnight...Fall has
arrived, whether we like it or not. Warm days and cool/chilly
nights bring lovely morning fog. I probably should have taken a
drive after driving the kids at school, but I didn't. Instead, I
found some spider webs. And when fog and spider webs mix,
you get lovely strands of pearls!


My birthday mum

So pretty with the morning dew

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2nd fall hike

Rainy and overcast, but it's a nice trail to hike. Went with some
friends and the grandparents. I thought the colors would have
changed more, but the greens outweighed the yellows and
oranges...a few more weeks...

Stone Door in the distance (right hand corner)

Stone Door zoomed in
(when you see them looking over the edge,
THIS is where they are!)

Across from the outlook

Overlook from Stone Door

Overlook from Stone Door

Climbers rules:
Safety first...6 ft from edge is standing, 3 ft from
edge kneeling and belly crawling to peer over
the edge. Falling 300+ feet will really
ruin your day!

Nice view!

The lookout where I had zoomed in to Stone Door
is waaayyyy in the distance. Almost in the center of
the picture. The little clearing surrounded by trees.

Notice where the adult is!

Always the one to find
the critters!

He held it the whole way back and
went to find a Ranger to find out
what kind it was...way to go
little dude!

What goes down must go back
up...blehh...no fun! 

These 2 crack me up with their
facial expressions!

Dude, what?!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First fall hike

It was a crappy picture day, but I managed to salvage some
of them. Trial and error...and I'm going to change my settings
back to what I originally had them set at!

I didn't want to post all the crazy pictures
of Hunter, so I made a collage. What a nut!

drip, drip, drip...so sad...we really need
some rain!

looking back up the hill

always investigating


always after the elusive fish! who cares
if I get wet!

Investigating the coke ovens

Friday, September 17, 2010

Playing around

You're not supposed to see the white corners, but
I haven't figured out how not to show them. I think
it's because my background is black. Oh well.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I read a tutorial yesterday that was posted on another
blog and it was like a "lightbulb" moment! Holy cow,
I "get" it. "It" is FULL manual mode on my camera.
Not just Aperture mode, full manual mode. Set
everything before taking the picture. Metering for
light, dark and everything in between. Then setting
your f/stop and hoping it all works! :) I have been
studying a lot of portraits and the bright sunlight works
with skin tones...FULL MANUAL MODE! I had to
bribe the kids...well not Hunter, he's a ham, but Maison
wouldn't do it, so I caught him when he wasn't looking.
It has changed the way I take pictures...AGAIN! I
L.O.V.E learning something new that's going to really
make a difference in HOW I take pictures! Here's what
I took tonight.


slight crop, brighten eyes and walaaa,
no adjusting light!

Not as noticable, but I'm amazed at how
easy it was once it was explained
in plain ol' english!

From yesterday...
rock on little dude!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

Looking west and north gave us 2 different cloud sunsets. Kinda
weird, but beautiful nonetheless.

The moon and Venus

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A holiday weekend in pictures...


Choices, choices

Chilly morning

Momma, will you tie my
swivel on?! The first of how many?!

When geese fly south...

This one's not working

Early morning fishing

I have GOT to get Nanny's bobber
back...(without getting wet)...hey,
the water's really warm! Get wet
little buddy and see what happens
when the air is chilly!

2 hours later and we're slowly warming

The lure tree

The colors are just amazing!

Hunter came to tell us he found a dead lizzard...but,
he tried reviving it with cpr...you know, chest compressions!
It's dead, so he's going to use it as bait and heads down
to the lake. I head down there soon after and find his
buddy, his pal, on his shoulder...he came back to life!
My child...the animal whisperer...and now healer! :)

I really don't think she's missing Ellie!


Can you tell she's having fun?

There is nothing better than the joy of a
child jumping into a lake!

When asked what the heck he was doing, he replied,
"jumping in like the dog"...and there you have it. If
you need a refresher, scroll up 6 pictures!

3 momma's and 1 baby...other 2 babies were
spooked and ducked back into the woods

Waiter...Oh waiter...beer?

I think this was the biggest fish caugh
all weekend. Oh well, at least they
were happy with the little ones!

Heading toward sunset after a glorious day


Gone are the days where you YELL up the hill
for additional beverages!

The creepiness of his legs is due to lens flare...
I was shooting into the setting sun. It happens,
what can I say?!

Love this

Day 2...no early morning fog, just stunning colors!

Again with the small fish...those eyes make
up for it though in my book!

Crossing on the Green River Ferry on
our way home via Mammoth Cave park
(out the drivers side window)

Passenger side window view