Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 boys and a bird!

Took the boys down to the bridge for some pictures...and they
find a pig-nosed turtle. Really, a pig-nosed turtle!! Who knew
they were in the creek beds?! I could see a box turtle, they're
everywhere....but a pig-nose? Only my kids! And of course
they want to bring it home and "keep" it. That's not happening,
so they put it in the pond, where I'm sure it'll be much
happier and probably a little cooler than the almost-dry
creek bed! Back to the pictures...these turned out really nice.

Side note:
This one is an exception to the "not too much" processing that I
mentioned in my last post about too much or too little processing.
I like the "old west" process that I applied, as it really brings out
the wood in the bridge. It doesn't work on all pictures and I even
tried it on the one of both boys together in this same spot and it
didn't work.

Holy moly those eyes...

....and the bird. No clue as to what it is, I just happened
to be looking out the front door when it flew into
the redbud tree. Picture is terrible because it's
slightly out of focus, but I was afraid it was going
to fly away when I opened the door to go out there.
I don't think it's an oriole, but then again, I'm too
lazy to just try and look it up!

p.s. I bet you were expecting a picture of the turtle!
Nope, the picture I took wasn't the greatest and
they released it in the pond too quick. Maybe if
they see it again we'll get one!

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