Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday boredom

We've been telling the boys we'd take them out to Bedford lake to fish/canoe for the last week. But due to my poison ivy/chigger issues (and now a spider bite I had thought was just a mosquito bite that was very itchy) ALONG with the heat, we've just put it off. So today we decided to kill a few hours. Unfortunately when we got out there, the wind was really blowing, so we nixed the canoeing bit. A little too much of a workout, especially since I wasn't the one taking them in the canoe!

Biggest fish I've seen caught at
Bedford Lake

Hunter got his lure stuck on a dead, stinky
turtle! Daddy to the rescue!

Caught these beauties on the side of the road,
as we were heading home.

The kids like to "talk" to the peacocks when we drive
by, but luckily since we were so close today, they
were quiet. The sound is really obnoxious.
From them AND the birds!

Saw this one as we were driving by. Hit the brakes
and I ran back, but it was already heading into
the corn field.

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