Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally ventured outside!

Had a storm come through yesterday afternoon and it really knocked the temps least enough to venture outside. I even tied the dogs up and you would have thought it was still 95 degrees for all the whinning Ellie did. I think she's gotten a little too used to the air conditioning! So, after chasing this little guy around the back pond for a while and only getting butt shots, patience and a long lens finally won out. I don't know that I could have taken a more perfect picture!

Sunflower growing in the patio

So after the storm came through early last evening, I wanted to go for a drive. Lucky for me I had a willing chauffer! I specifically wanted a picture of a tree that was blooming. (Tom now wants one for the yard and I have no idea what kind of tree it is!) I've always planned on stopping to take a picture, but never do. And I'm not sure how long the thing blooms either, so I can't wait too long. Well, turns out they don't look very good wet, so I'll plan on going back in the next day or so for my picture. All was not lost though as I got a couple nice landscape pictures and we had another beautiful sunset. So we pulled into a field right before we got back home and I got a couple nice ones.

That IS humidity hanging in the air! Nice, huh?!

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